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Presenter: Stefan Belfroid (TNO)
Authors: S. Belfroid (TNO), K. Lunde (Equinor), S. Orre (Equinor), R. Bazuin (TNO)

“Multiphase Flow induced forces with gas/liquid CO2 ”

During CO2 storage injection (CCS), part of the facilities is subjected to high mass flow rates at two-phase conditions. The piping is in general flexible to withstand the very large temperature differences during start/stops.

In ‘normal’ multiphase flow, the main part of the dynamic forces are from density variations due to waves/slugs. However, the fluid properties of the CO2 mixture poses uncertainty to the modeling. The liquid has a very low viscosity and very low surface tension (0.08 cP and 3 mN/m at 45 bar).

These properties pose the question, if there are larger hold-up structures. Therefore, new experiments were done at the Equinor Porsgrunn facilities between TNO and Equinor. The exact same loop was used in 2018 for high pressure vibration experiments with gas/water and oil.

Vibrations and stresses were measured for a large set of gas and liquid conditions (Usg up to 12 m/s, Usl up to 4.5 m/s)  at 45 and 55 bar. The pressure range was based on allowed fluid temperatures (10 at 45 bar, 20 at 55 bar).

In the presentation, the measurements results will be shown and results compared to the  2018 gas/water/oil experiments.

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