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  • Presentation from University of Glasgow

“MUltiphase Flow-induced Fluid-flexible structure InteractioN in Subsea applications (MUFFINS): Results of bespoke, large-scale experimental tests for the investigation of slug flow features in flexible pipes and MFIV phenomena.”

Gioia Falcone, Andrea Cammarano, Graeme Hunt and David Pickles

The MUFFINS project (led by Newcastle University) assembles a multidisciplinary team of academic and industrial partners to develop the next generation of pioneering technologies and cost-efficient tools for the safe, reliable and real-life designs of subsea hydrocarbon systems. MUFFINS addresses fundamental and practical challenges in areas of internal multiphase flow-induced vibration (MFIV), in combination with external flow vortex-induced vibration (VIV), whose fatigue damage effects due to complex fluid-structure interaction mechanisms can result in loss of system integrity and production downtime. This presentation by the University of Glasgow will focus on the design and execution of bespoke experimental tests, with a discussion of key findings and future application to other areas of the energy transition.

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