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“Experimental Study of Two-Phase Flow-Induced Vibrations In Horizontal Pipe “

Kyle Porter

The impact of long-term fatigue from internal, flow-induced forces and vibrations can be a governing design condition for offshore oil and gas asset integrity. The modeling and prediction of these forces and vibrations can be extremely challenging due to complex fluid-structure interaction, and therefore experimental studies should be used to understand and validate numerical simulations. This study aims to contribute further physical understanding to the field of internal flow-induced forces and vibrations by not only relating flow parameters to structural response but also by explaining the mechanisms that govern the relationship between parameters. Experimentation was conducted using a unique computer vision data acquisition system and a large-scale facility designed to mimic industry field conditions. The experimental procedure allows the simultaneous acquisition of the flow structure and pipe deformation.  The results reveal the trends and relationships between fluid flow characteristics (such as superficial velocity) and structural response (such as vibrational frequency and amplitude).

Presenter Bio:

Kyle Porter is a student at The University of Tulsa seeking to complete his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Kyle joined Tulsa University Fluid Flow Projects (TUFFP) in Fall 2021, where he has conducted research on their flow-induced-vibrations (FIV) project.  He recently published a paper on the preliminary experimental results from his research activities and is hoping to publish two additional papers in the coming year.

University of Tulsa

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